Friday, 12 September 2014

Nikon D750

As you are undoubtedly aware by now, the new Nikon D750 has been announced.  I was watching some of its marketing videos and the "unchained" tagline caught my attention.  Indeed the new Nikon D750 will free us from the chains of:
  • cables thanks to built-in Wi-Fi
  • chargers thanks to longer battery life
  • inflexible angles thanks to vari-angle LCD
I am not a huge fan of Wi-Fi for camera yet, but I can appreciate the longer battery life and vari-angle LCD.  Other features I like include lighter weight, more AF points, faster FPS, etc. 

But the crucial question is: will I buy it?  Now, definitely not, because I still have a working Nikon D610 and don't need a second Nikon body yet.  Even if I ever decide to go for a second Nikon body, I might opt for a cropped sensor body instead.  It is also wise to wait and see a bit in view of Nikon's recent bad history of problems with new cameras like the D600 and D810.  Patience is a virtue! :)

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