Sunday, 10 January 2016

Nikon D500

It has been a while since I last blogged on photography topics.  So what brought me back?  It can only be the recent announcement of Nikon D500!

I am more or less confirmed getting the camera when it comes out.  Besides the headline features like 10 FPS, 200 RAW buffer, 153 AF points, etc., I am looking forward to the following:

  • SnapBridge: transfer photos to phone using Bluetooth and geotag automatically.  Wondering whether it can transfer RAW and if yes, how fast?
  • Tilting LCD touchscreen: this is extremely useful when shooting from odd angles.
  • Built-in switch to block the optical viewfinder: useful when doing long exposures, etc.
  • Auto AF tuning: hopefully this can work with non-Nikon lenses as I own many of them.  
It's a pity that the built-in flash has been removed, but I am going to take their word for it that this is to enhance the weather sealing.  I don't use flash a lot anyway.  Talking about weather sealing, is it too much to hope for complete waterproof?  I guess so for such camera. ^^;

What will I be using this camera for?  Besides the obvious wildlife and sports, I intend to purchase something like a 16-300mm superzoom lens to walk around with it.  Throw in another 10-18mm ultra wide angle and my basic photographic needs are fulfilled. :)